Gender-related gambling among Italian nurses: a cohort observational study

Elsa Vitale, Roberto Lupo, Alessia Lezzi, Simone Zacchino, Antonino Calabrò, Maicol Carvello, Luana Conte

J Sex Gender Specif Med 2023, 9(2): online ahead of print

RIASSUNTO: Summary. Aim. To determine risk factors, symptoms of gambling, and protective factors associated with gambling in nurses. Our hypotheses were that gambling was associated with several risk factors, manifesting itself through some characteristic symptoms of gambling. In addition, we hypothesized that people affected by gambling could recur to specific protective factors. Methods. An observational, cross sectional, multicenter study was conducted from April to September 2020. Participants’ socio-demographic information and the “South Oaks Gambling Screen” (SOGS) were collected to self-evaluate excessive use of gambling and a possible pathological relationship with it. Results. A total of 502 questionnaires were collected. Out of these, 104 of the respondents showed higher presence of gambling symptomatology than the others, especially among men. Significant associations were found between gambling symptoms and concentration disturbances (Rho = -.211, p = .032), suicide ideation (Rho = -.199; p = .043), psycomotor agitation (Rho = -.201; p = .041), and gastrointestinal disorders (Rho = -.198; p = .044). Conclusions. The study highlighted that gambling is an emerging social problem with an arising incidence. Families and health care systems are still not enough considered as sources of support for people with possible gambling addiction. Keywords. Gambling, nurse, protective factors, risk factor, sex.