The A.M.M.I. mission today

Elvira Oliviero Lippi

A.M.M.I. National President

The A.M.M.I., the Italian Doctors’ Wives Association, was founded in Mantua in 1970 by a group of doctors’ wives. Over the years it has changed and evolved to keep in step with the times. In addition to the female partners of doctors, its members are female doctors, pharmacists, biologists and mothers of healthcare professionals. It is now present throughout Italy, with some 65 local sections located in Northern, Central and Southern Italy.

The A.M.M.I. is a public health association whose purpose is to promote health education and prevention and to inform the public – and in particular school children – by holding lectures and round tables on current affairs in the scientific and social sectors, in conjunction with medical professionals. Every year, on 18 October, the feast-day of St Luke, the patron saint of doctors, lectures and round tables are held across the country to discuss a specific topic of current medical or social relevance that is proposed and voted by the various local sections. On April 22 we celebrate the Women’s Health Day.

Since 2011, the A.M.M.I. has promoted and encouraged awareness regarding gender-specific pharmacology and medicine. The aim is to inform the general public that medicine and therapy should be differentiated according to gender, as the symptoms of illness and the efficacy of medicinal products differ for women and men.

With a call for bids for a 10 thousand-euro grant, established 7 years ago, we support the gender-specific medicine and pharmacology. This call aims to bring young researchers closer to a different outlook on all areas of medicine.

A commission formed of professionals with expertise in the gender-specific medicine field reviews the very many, scientifically-valid research projects submitted. The young researchers who join it are numerous with many very valid research projects.

The Association has been awarded two bronze medals by the Chairs of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies for its support of gender-specific medicine and pharmacology.

Our on-going commitment to dealing with gender-specific medicine is aimed at obtaining more and more correct diagnosis and therapy for each patient and to stimulate the competent healthcare facilities to operate with targeted interventions.

A.M.M.I. has also set up a literary competition to be close to young people and to investigate their problems.